Walking down the stairs holding grandmas hand and hearing the clock chime its ominous sweet tone as we would sing back: doo dee doo, doo dee doo, doo dee doo doo, doo dee doo. and then go make a bowl of lucky charms and play cards and watch the birds. I love grandma.

In my room all alone and reading my favorite dragonology book and drawing pictures wishing I could be a dragon free and armored, always ready to defend. Thriving in the wind and earth.

Taking walks in the woods with grandma and talking about nonsensical things or very complex things. Calling out Hereeee chippy chppiy chippy!! and looking for toads and on occasion a snake to scare her with. Looking out the window with the bird book and trying to identify it without looking (the brown ones are the hardest). I love grandma.

Examining my face in the mirror trying to decide if its pretty or ugly and not knowing which. Feeling like an alien when I look at my family while remembering my face, at least I look like grandma. I love grandma, and I love my face.

Going to South Dakota and feeling so nostolgic knowing that one day I will forget such a wonderful experience.